Things we get up with in the morning: Love. Live. Communicate. Be connected.
Make the best possible websites, (web)shops, (web)magazines, apps, posters, stories.
Think again. Get involved in all kinds of fun projects to spread the word.
We don’t necesarrily do what you ask us to.
But we always listen. You are our inspiration.
Little Rebels
Big Hearts
Bright Ideas
Driven by Beauty
Ok, and content marketing, UX, storytelling, print, social trends, technical evolutions, SEO, conversion, pr...
  1. We’re not literally a desk (or one desk).
  2. There are some desks in Ghent.
  3. There’s one in Stockholm.
  4. And one wherever you/we may like to find one.
We don’t do borders.
Or limits.
(where’s the fun in dreaming small?)
  1. We’re freelancers
  2. All pigs, no chicken (that’s one for the agile adepts)
  3. And we can see or hear each other every day
Our methods (figures included)
  • We build a team per project. An A-team. One that fits your goals & style. Freelancers or a specialized agency.
  • The project always has to match the KANT.13-DNA. In design, in strategy, in content and in technology.
To make sure it does, three guardian angels will be watching:
  • A Technology Director (Lennart Coopmans)
  • A Photography Director (Johan Martens)
  • And a Director of Everything Else (Femke Coopmans)
Those Three are also working hard in the production lane
  • The best freelancers in the world: Design. Copy. Photography. Development...
Now you know us (+/-)*. Want to meet up close & personal? We would really like to get to know you., +32(0)477 93 34 25 (Femke), Antwerpsesteenweg 351, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg (Gent)